Buchla 259e Twisted Waveform Generator


Nearly identical to the original Buchla 259 dual oscillator but with a twist. It differs from the 261e in the timbre section which is not a wave multiplier bu a crazy self-modifying waveshaper that screeches and gnarls...


The 295e is a typical Buchla idea of a dual oscillator containing a modulation oscillator and a complex main oscillator.
The main oscillator (Principal Osc) offers a frequency range of eight octaves and is a dual wavetable oscillator. MORPHing is possbile between two individually selectable waves that are read out simultaneously. TIMBRE selects between the eight banks: 1-5 are pure waves, a-c read out "digital trash" from the oscillator's memory and generate noise signals, very useful for tuned noise and abrasive stuff. Pressing the timbre button longer lets you select between the two morphable waves and select them individually. WARP is a digital waveshaper. The warp and morph parameters are controllable manually and with a voltage, featuring bipolar attenuators at the CV inputs.

The modulation oscillator offers the swichable waveforms triangle, square and sawtooth and has two frequency ranges: low (.25Hz to 64Hz) and high (27.5Hz to 7040Hz). Because of the dual use as LFO or audio VCO it features both types of output sockets. Interesting is the "pitch track" function, which makes it follow the principal VCO's pitch.
One or several parameters of the principal VCO can be modulated by the modulation VCO: pitch, warp or morph. Amount of modulation is controlled by the "modulation index" parameter manually or voltage controlled.

Both VCOs have each a FM input and a bipolar CV input. Hard and soft sync is included as well.


Modulation OSC: FM in, CV in, two signal outptus (1x banana, 1x Switchcraft Tini-Jax®)
Principal OSC: fm in, CV in, two Tini-Jax®-audio outputs
Modulation index: CV in
Timbre: morph CV in, Warp CV in


4U Buchla form factor module, one panel wide (17.8 x 10.8cm or 7" x 4.25")

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