Buchla - 223e Tactile Input Port


Module 223e Tactile Input Port is the control unit for the supplied Multidimensional Kinesthetic Input (Controller), a touch controller with three Buchla Panel Units and 27 print and partially position active contact surfaces. The module converts the data sent by the controller into CV-voltages and pulses. With the module it is possible to combine several contact surfaces into groups to create independent keyboard groups. Furthermore the module offers an arpeggiator. The Tactile Surface Interface can either be fixed in a boat or used externally in a special passive package.


The Multidimensional Kinesthetic Input, managed by the 223e, provides 27 touch sensitive contact surfaces. Two of these surfaces are unmarked and fixed for arpeggiator functions. Two large hexagonal surfaces, titled "R" and "S", work two-dimensionally and always output the voltages of their horizontal and vertical positions at fixed CV-outputs. Twelve long contact surfaces can also be used one-dimensionally - like a fader.

The pulse outputs 1-5 of the 223e can be assigned to any oft he individual contact surfaces. They can be configured as switches or push buttons.

Any oft he surfaces can be assigned to CV-outputs 10-14. They output either the parameters Location, Pressure or Impact by corresponding voltages.

The "Radio Outs" are four groupings to which entire surface groups can be assigned. In this way, up to four different keyboard groups can be created. Each group or radio output offers a pulse output, a CV-output that can output either location, pressure or impact data, another CV-output that outputs a voltage that can be set per surface area (for example to control the frequency of an oscillator), and another CV-output for an alternative voltage or the paramater location. If required, these radio outputs can also be used for polyphonic playing.

The 223e's integrated arpeggiator can either generate its own tempo, synchronize to the „pulse in“ input, or synchronize to a MIDI clock generated by the 225e via the internal 200e bus. Internal tempo and MIDI clock divider can be modulated via CV. The arpeggiator has the patterns "Rising", "Falling", "Triangle", "Random" and "Spiral". In addition to a CV- and pulse output, the arpeggiator offers an additional CV output called "Level". It is used to gently fade the arpeggiator in (or out) while startin/stopping. The fade-in and fade-out times can be set. When starting or stopping the arpeggiator, voltages of 0-10V or 10-0V are generated, which of course only lead to an actual fade-in or fade-out when patched „correctly“ (e.g. on the velocity input of the 292e).

All settings of the Tactile Input Port and the Arpeggiator can be stored and recalled via the preset manager of the 206e or 225e.

The Multidimensional Kinesthetic Input can be permanently integrated into a boat, requiring three panel units. Alternatively, it can be used externally in a special passive housing (201e-3) that is not included in the delivery.


Inputs: pulse in, clock tempo CV
Outputs: level (FadeIn/FadeOut CV), tuned (Pitch CV), pulse out

Input Port:
Outputs: Pulse 1-5, 4x Radio Outputs (Pulse, loc/pres/impact, CV 1, CV 2/ location), R horizontal, R vertical, S horizontal, S vertical, loc/pres/impact 10-14


1 Buchla Panel Unit (223e)
3 Buchla Panel Units (Multidimensional Kinesthetic Input Controller)

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