Buchla - 281e Quad Function Generator


The module consists of four classic function generators, which can either work independently or in pairs. They can be used to realize percussive as well as held envelopes or cyclic modulations. Additional pulse outputs, a quadrature mode and two OR circuits enable more complex functions.



The module consists of four identical function generators that can work independently or dependent on each other. Each function generator can be used as Attack/Decay envelope, Attack/Hold/Decay envelope or as LFO. Attack and Decay times are CV-controllable and also determine the LFO frequency in cyclic mode.

The functions A and B, as well as C and D can be combined via an OR circuit to create more complex functions, such as ADSR envelopes. In quadrature mode, functions A and B as well as C and D can be used with 90 degrees phase shift. When the attack time of A is over, the function is held and the attack phase of function B begins. When it is finished, it is held and the decay phase of A begins. If this is also finished, function B also starts the decay phase. A pulse output at each function generator outputs a pulse as soon as the respective decay phase is completed.

In combination with the Preset Manager of the modules 206e and 225e almost all parameters can be stored and recalled. This does not apply to the grey buttons of the OR section.


Inputs: Inputs: Pulse A-D, Attack CV A-D, Decay CV A-D
Outputs: A-D CV, A-D Pulse, OR AB, OR CD

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