Buchla - 292h Dual Lowpass Gate


The 292h is the little brother of the 292e Quad Dynamic Manager. Half size means exactly two instead of four channels. This module pairs perfectly with the 281h. This will give you a dual lowpass gate in combination with two function generators within only one Buchla Panel Unit.


The Dual Lowpass Gate consists of two channels. Each channel can be configured as either a low pass filter, VCA or low pass gate (a combination of filter and VCA). The signals are available at a single output as well as a mix output. An additional velocity input allows further nuances.

In combination with the preset manager of the 206e and 225e modules, all parameters can be saved and recalled.


Inputs: A, B, Velocity A, Velocity B, Level Cv A, Level CV B
Outputs: A, B, All

1 Buchla Panel Unit, half height
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