Buchla - 297 Infinite Phase Shifter


The Infinite Phase Shifter is a voltage controllable phaser that works with four to ten filter stages. It comes with its own sweep oscillator for typical cyclic phase effects. If the "Barberpole" function is activated, the effect is as if the frequency notches and comb filter effects are being continuously shifted in only one direction.



The Infinite Phase Shifter shifts the phase of an incoming signal by up to 1800 degrees, depending on the frequency and number of stages selected. The phase-shifted signal can be combined with the original to create comb filter effects. The notch density and depth can be varied by feedback (resonance) and step selection. An extensive sweep oscillator provides the well-known cyclic phase shift effect. The parameters "Phase Shift Center Freq", "Notch", "Sweep Osc Freq", "Sweep Osc Depth" and "Resonance" are voltage controlled and may be equipped with an attenuator. An integrated envelope follower allows the creation of amplitude-dependent effects.

The 297 is capable of creating Barberpole effects, with the phase shift and the resulting filter peaks and notches (seemingly) continuously moving in one direction. The change rate can be varied up to 2.5 octaves per second in both directions and is voltage controllable.

This module is not a 200e series module. The missing "e" in the name and the absence of blue buttons already indicate that the parameters of this module can NOT be stored with the Preset Manager of modules 206e or 225e.


Inputs: Signal In, Phase Shift Center Freq CV, Notch CV, Resonance CV, Sweep OSC Freq CV, Sweep OSC Depth CV, Barberpole Rate CV
Outputs: Envelope Follower, Signal 1, Signal 2

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