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The Buchla Music Easel is a powerful semi-modular performance instrument. With its lush and sophisticated user interface, the powerful and independent sound is not only easy to tame, but also invites you to experiment. An external audio input including envelope follower, (analog)  preset storage, as well as an integrated spring reverb at the output round off the independent concept and make the Music Easel in its case the ideal travel partner.


The Music Easel is the reincarnation of a 1973 legend. It consists of two units integrated in a case: The 218 Touch Keyboard Controller and the 208 Stored Program Sound Source. In addition to its 2.5 octaves, the touch keyboard offers an arpeggiator and four freely adjustable preset voltages. Alternatively, you can transpose the keyboard by four octaves using the preset voltage buttons. In addition to the CV and Gate outputs, there is an output called "Pressure", which delivers a voltage dependent on the skin contact area.

Two oscillators form the heart of the sound generation. In addition to the waveforms triangle, sawtooth and rectangle, the main oscillator also offers a sine wave followed by a wavefolder. The modulation oscillator can modulate either the frequency or the amplitude of the main oscillator via a switch. Alternatively, it can also be used for amplitude modulation of external signals. In addition to its role as a modulator, the modulation oscillator can also be used as an independent sound source. Its waveforms can be switched between sawtooth, square and triangle waves.

The oscillators are followed by a dual lowpass gate. Both gates can be used in three modes: Lowpass Filter, VCA or Lowpass Gate. The main oscillator is fixed to Lowpass Gate 1. Lowpass Gate 2 can be powered either by Lowpass Gate 1, the modulation oscillator or the external input. In addition, Lowpass Gate 2 is phase-inverted, which in combination with Lowpass Gate 1 can lead to interesting effects. Before the signals of the gates reach the output, they pass through the integrated spring reverb, which can be mixed in if necessary.

On the modulation side, the Music Easel has a step sequencer that works with three, four or five steps and outputs both CV and trigger.

The envelope works in three modes: Transient, Sustained and Self. The "Transient" mode offers the parameters Attack, Sustain and Decay, where "Sustain" does not stand for the sustain level, but like Attack and Decay also represents a time constant. The sustain level is always maximum. In "Sustained" mode, the sustain time is defined by the gate duration. The envelope works like an Attack - Hold - Decay envelope. In the "Self" mode the envelope triggers itself again at the end of the decay time and thus becomes a kind of LFO.

The next modulation source is the Pulser. A mini ramp- or decay-envelope that can also trigger itself if required and, in addition to its function as a modulation source, is also an ideal clock source for the sequencer or envelope.

Memory cards or "program cards" can be used via a card slot.  They give the Music Easel a preset memory. A switch can be used to determine whether the sound settings are made from the user interface or from the program card or from both at the same time(!). With the help of these Program Cards it is also possible to make modulations that are not possible with the user interface alone. To "program" these presets on the Program Card you need a soldering iron!

As an alternative to the Program Card there is also the iProgram Card. It is not included and allows to store up to 24 presets on one card. Completely without soldering iron, but with iPad and WiFi.


208: DC In, Ground, MIDI In, Left Output(6,3mm), Right Output(6,3mm),Left Output, Right Output, from Card, Inverter Input, Inverter Output, to Card, Aux In, Env Out, to card, mod CV out, Pulse In, Pressure In, Pitch In, Sequencer CV Output x2, Envelope Output x3, Pulser Output x3, 4 different random outputs, Pressure Output x4, Phones (6,3mm)

218: Pulse Out, Pressure Out, Main Out, Portamento Slope Input, Arpeggiator Rate Input, Preset Voltage Output


48 x 41 x 19 centimeters

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