Buchla - LEM 3 Spider


If you've always loved the sequencing power of the 252e, but don't own a Buchla system, the LEM 3 Spider opens the door to all other formats. The LEM 3 Spider system is a desktop system that is used solely for sequencing of complex polyrhythms. In addition to the sequencer itself, it contains two other modules that take care of the analog format conversion from Buchla-  to Eurorack-compatible standard, i.e. they can also convert CV to MIDI or MIDI to CV.


The system consists of the 252e, 225h and 226h modules, all of which are housed in a LEM 3 case. While the 252e Polyphonic Rhythm Generator takes  care of the sequencing, the 226h module translates the generated CVs and pulses into MIDI data. With the 225H you get a MIDI to CV interface to control the CV parameters of the 252e via MIDI. Additional multiples and CV processors in banana, jack and Tini-Jax format for format conversion are also provided.

An USB MIDI port on the LEM 3 Case makes DAW integration easy.

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