CFM - BHWR rectifier


The abbreviation BHWR stands for bipolar half-wave rectifier. It is a passive dual module offering a new wave shaping concept, routing options and new sounds.
In simple words the BHWR splits a signal into it's positive and negative half-wave or it combines due to it's bi-polarity the half-waves of two different singals into a new one.



Standard use:
The BHWR splits a bipolar waveform, inected at the ± socket in their positive (+ socket) and negative (- socket) half-wave. Now you can process the both waves separately: filter them, distort, waveshape, rum them thru different wave multipliers, as you like. Afterwards you can mix them for instance.

reverse use:
In this case you can input two different signal, from which the BHWR picks one positive and one nehative half wave and generates a new bi-polar wave at the ± socket. For thechnical reasons the + socket is responsible for the negative half wave and the - socket for the positive one.
The two input signal can be at the same frequency (e.g. two wave forms form the same VCO), but then don't have to! Experiment with synchronized VCOs or two totally different frequencies.


per sub-unit: one bipolar socket, one positve halfwave socket, one negative halfwave socket


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 14mm deep
passive module = no power consumption

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