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Very clear sounding bucket-brigade delay with very short delay times. Do not expect classic echos becuase the delay times are just to shoort for this use. But exactly this fact is something great: the module can delay in audio rate and at high feedback setting it provides for nice sound sculpting. The module is perectly suited for Karplus-Strong synthesis.



In order to achieve longer delay times the module uses two BBD devices - with the BBD switch you can select if to use only one or both. One BBD has 512 stages, a delay time of 1.3ms to 25ms and a frequency range of ~20-400Hz when self-oscillating; both BBDs in series have 1024 stages, a delay time of 2.5ms to 50ms and frequency range of ~40-760Hz. The delay time and at the same time the frequency range can be extended with CVs. Two "T CV" inputs are available, one with invertable attenuator and one with a fixed characteristic of 1V/octave.

The mix of original and effect signal is available at the Mix Out; the dry/wet amount is controlled with the 'In1↔ Delay' potentiometer. The pure delay signal is available at an individual socket.
Feedback: the delay's output is fed back to the BBD's input through a VCA. This makes it possible to control feedback amount not only with a potentiometer but with a voltage as well.
Above 2:30h position the delay will start to oscillate.

The BBDs' clock frequency is clearly audible as a high-frequency whistle which can be annoying. For that reason there's a 12dB lowpass filter post-delay.

Karplus Strong synthesis: If fed with a trigger impulse instead of an audio signal the module will create percussive plucked sounds at high feedback settings. The delay time controls the frequency, feedback amount controls decay time. As the Karplus Stromg theorem is a simplified physical modeling you can simulate plucked strings and drums with it.


2 signal inputs, delay time CV inputs 1 (variable) and 2 (1V/oct), Feedback CV in,
Mix output, Delay output


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 52mm deep
current draw ~90mA

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