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The Patch Converter 1 alias PCV1 helps you to use your bananafied modular system together with Eurorack. Or vice versa.



The PCV1 contains six format comverters from 4mm banana to 3.5mm mono minijack. Additionally there's a banana socket for grounding your banana system.
As it is a passive module there's no electric conversion from 1/octave to 1.2V/octave possible, just between connector formats. Integrating Buchla is not really possible, but Serge, Synton Fenix , BugBrand and others are no problem.
Wise men will have noticed that you can mount it upside down due to the lack of legending on the module's head and feet.


6 sets of interconnected bananas and 3,5mm sockets
one 4mm banana grounding socket


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 17mm deep
passive module, no power consumption

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