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With the PCV2, you can combine modular systems with varying types of connectors. The module is equipped with six banana sockets, which are wired to five mini jack connectors and one 1/4 inch jack connector. Thanks to the PCV2’s passive circuitry, you can freely choose which sockets serve as inputs and outputs.



The PCV2 is a format converter with six channels. Five of these signal paths feature banana and 1/8 inch jack sockets. The sixth channel is equipped with a 1/4 inch jack socket instead. Additionally, there is a Banana ground connector. Since the PCV2 is a passive module, you can freely decide whether banana or jack sockets are to be used as inputs or outputs. A voltage conversion, e.g. 1 v / octave (Eurorack) to 1.2 v / octave (Buchla), doesn’t take place, of course.


Six banana sockets
Five 1/8 inch jack sockets
One 1/4 inch jack socket
Ground socket (Banana format)


3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, 36 mm in depth
Module does not consume power.

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