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The PCV 3 (alias Patchconverter 3) converts from minijack to 1/4" jack to banana. Interesting for people with several different modular systems, disliking pesky adapter cables.



The module offers you five format converters from 4mm banana socket to 3.5mm minijack mono to 1/4" socket mono. A ground socket allows for grounding your banana system to the other gear.
It is a passive fromat converter which can not convert electrically between 1V/oct and 1.2V/octave. Integrating Buchla is not really possible but it works well with all the rest. Works even upside down!


5 sets of interconnected banana, 3,5mm and 1/4"
one 4mm banana grounding socket


3U Eurorack module, 9HP, 26mm deep
passive module, no current draw

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