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Very unique module which is specialized in generating a number of control voltages, gates and triggers simultaneously in dependance of a input wignal which primarely is a piezo sensor. The module aims to percussionists which, for instance, would like to generate dynamic control voltages with a drumstick in order to play the modular.



The 1/4" socket Drum In is the dynamic input to which you connect a surface with a piezo sensor, like a drum, wooden plate or similar. The amplitude of the input signal is adjusted with the Input Level control while the potentiometer Trigger sets the trigger or intensity of the circuitry. Filter is used to adjust the module to the frequency band and the decay time of the connected sources to ensure best and quickest possible response.
As second input the minijack socket In 2 is available, its level can't be adjusted though, and it is intended for cascading several P+H modules.

The module analyzes the input signal, its envelope and the signal level and generates varoius control voltages at nine outputs.

  • ┌┐∏: generates a dynamic impulse with variable width. The width is set with the Impulse potentiometer.
  • |٦: the aforementioned dynamic impulse with a logarithmic release. Release time is set with a potentiometer.
  • |\: dynamic impulse signal with linear release time.
  • P+H: the peak voltage is held until the next drum hit. CV range is 0-10V.
  • P̅+̅H̅: as above but "inverted" (+10 V to 0 V), suitable for modulations in opposing directions
  • P+H log: like PH but with a logarithmic level curve, which is better for some VCAs.
  • Audio: Mix of input signals is emitted here. E.g. for cascading another P+H module.
  • Envelope: CV signal of the envelope follower, interacting with the filter parameter.
  • Gate: short gate signal. Polarity can be changed with a jumper (0V→5V or +5V→0V<)


various, see text, picture and manual


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 35mm deep
max current draw: 65mA

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