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The X ist an analog four-quadrat mulitiplier, obe in other words a ring modulator. A vey nice ring mod, that is. The X input has a number of features for modifying the signal e.g. like a wave shaper.



While the Y input is simple and has a amplifcation factor of 1, the X input offers a lot of features:
The offset control adds a offset voltage to the X signal from -5V to +5V. The Level potentiometer is used to attenuate or amplify the X signal. At position "3" the amplification factor is 1, in maximal setting it's around factor 3. At high levels, proper amplification and offset you can distort the signal pre-multiplier.

Furhermore there's a switch that selects linear or exponential mode for the X input:
Linear mode is the besser one for classic ring modualtor applications.
In exponential modethe signal is converted into an exponential voltage which amplifies the positive portions of the signal, just like a rectifier. This mode is recommended for VCA applications e.g. with an envelope as the X signal. The offset control determines the working point of the multiplier and generates asymetrica lwave forms. Just experiment with the Level and Offfset setting!

The switch to the right inverts the phase ofthe X signal.
Speaking of inversion; if the offset control is in the negative range, it will produce a negative voltage and thus the Y signal will be inverted (only in linear mode).


X input, Y input, W output


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 35mm deep
Power consumption: ~25mA

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