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Hand made, first-class ring modulator effect in a beautiful case. It features a low-noise pre-amplifier, an internal oscillator, an envelope follower and a LFO. A fancy unit with a great sound!



XR1-E is based on a vintage function generator chip with a warm and smooth sound. The unit has an adjustable low-noise preamplifier and it ringmodulates the input signal's frequencies with the of the internal oscillator.
The latter has two wave forms (sine and triangle), it's frequency can be set exactly with two potentiometers and it has two frequency ranges. In the Hi range the oscillator is in audio frequency and the XR1-E produces typical (dis)harmonic ring modulator sounds. In Lo position the oscillator swings in low frequency range, resulting in tremolo-like effects.

The VCO's pitch can be modulated by the input signal amplitude via the integrated envelope follower, also in an inverted manner if desired. Alternatively you can use an external control voltage or a expression pedal instead of the envelope follower. Furthermore there's a LFO with triangle and square waveforms. The modulation intensities are controlled with potentiometers.

Besides a dry/wet control (labelled as "bypass") we find a footswitch input enabling you to switch between the original pre-amplified signal and the effect signal (depending on the "bypass" setting).

The XR1-E can be operated with six AA mignon batteries or with a 6-15V DC external power supply (not included).


instrument signal in, audio out
external frequency CV in (TRS, with +5V voltage source for e.g. pedal)
external DC in (2,1mm DC jack)
footswitch in


142 x 83 x 110mm

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