Circuit Abbey - ADSRjr


This module is a classic ADSR type envelope generator that has additional features like selectable characteristics, a loop mode and it can even be extended with an expander module.



This ADSR envelope offers a wide range which is switchable in three time ranges with the time button. The loop button activates the repeat fuction; the module repeats it´s cycle and turns into an LFO.

Gate input is normalized to the internal Doepfer buss. Jumpers on the back give you the possibility to select between curve characteristics.

An expansion module which can be obtained individually adds more functions to the ADSRjr module - e.g. voltage control and trigger outputs.


You can get the expansion module here.


Gate input, envelope output (3.5mm sockets)


3U eurorack module, 4HP wide, 53mm deep. Current draw maximum 20mA

0.3 kg
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