Circuit Abbey - Gozinta


Circuit Abbey Gozinta gives you two separate adjustable preamplifier units to boost the level of any line signal to modular level. The thing sounds clean because of the use of high quality, clean and supermodern amplifier ICs.



Both amplifier units are identical and by default they provide for an amplifiction of 24dB, though you can change each channel´s amplification to 12dB, 24dB or 36dB. LEDs show when the signal is about to clip and speaking of which: the distortion sounds "clean" and good.

Besides the use as a preamplifier for external line signals  you can of course use the module to compensate for level loss (e.g. after filtering). The attenuators are AC-coupled and can be DC-coupled by a jumper.

The module not only has good amplifier-ICs but also sealed and enclosed potentiometers and sockets. :)


Per amplifier unit there´s one input and one output socket, each 3.5mm (1/8") mono.


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide. Current draw max. 20mA

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