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The Gravity Well is an unusual Eurorack module that asymetrically warps signals. This happens on several axis with different strengths. Imagine the input signal being an object circulating around a heavenly body. CVs can change the circular path by altering the body´s strength of gravity, vayring the gravity field and affecting the north-south and the east-west magnitudes.



The module warps the positive and negative portions of the signal depending on the CVs and bias controls of those parameters:

  • Inclination: affects both polarities with the same strength
  • Eccentrity: amplifies the warp of the positive signal portion and decreases the warp of the negative part
  • Longtitude: amplifies only the positive warp
  • Latitude: amplifies only the negative warp

As the input accepts AC and DC-coupled signals you can modify not only audio signals but also slow signals like envelopes and LFOs. The Gravity well can als obe used as a audio distortion and second and third harmonic distortions can be generated. In audio range it sounds nice when you uns a VCO as input and another, harmonically detuned oscillator as modulation source.


Signal input (with attenuator), signal output

CV inputs for Inclination, Eccentricity, Longtitude und Latitude (each with an attenuator)


3U eurorack module, 12HP wide, 30mm deep. Current draw 40mA

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