Circuit Abbey - Impulse Drive


The Impulse Drive module is a very unique wave shaper as it generates harmonically complex sounds by crossfading between signals, triple pulsewave generation and by cross modulation.



You can crossfade between the two signal inputs manually or with a control voltage; the result will be then processed by three comparator units called GRID, each producing a pulse wave. The Bias parameter determines the switching threshold of the comparator and it can be set manually or with a voltage. Each GRID section modulates the next one thru a digital ring modulator and adds even more harmonics. The signals can be tapped at the various outputs.


2 signal inputs (Injector), 1 Injector-Select CV input, 3 CV inputs for the waveshaper units (Grid 1-3)
outputs: Out 1-3 and Exhaust Ports 1-3, MON output


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 33mm deep.  Current draw 50mA

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