Circuit Abbey - Intermix


Mix expander module initially developed as expander for the G8 by Circuit Abbey. But it works also with Livewire's Chaos Computer and with the QPLFO by 4ms. The Intermix mixes the outputs of the mentioned modules either as a eicht-channel mixer or as a dual four-channel mixer and in addition it has a min/max function.



Universal mix expander. The center "out" socket mixes all eight inputs. All controls are bi-ploar, so-called polarizers.
Two modes are available: first mode has minimum and maximum outputs. Second mode has independent outputs for left and right set of knobs to mix two units, each with four outputs.
In combination with the G8 you can create a flexible analog sequencer. If a VCO is used as a clock source the g8 will turn into a wave form generator, similar to a graphic VCO. A number of Intermixes can be cascaded and connected to one G8 to receive more CV sources.
With the Chaos Computer you can get two independent mixes for X and Y. used wit hthe 4ms Quad Pingable LFO you can mix all four channels and you can even connect two QPLFOs to the intermix.


Main Output; Minimum/left output; maximum/right output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 40mm deep. Current draw is 60mA

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