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Single unit

Invy is a dual voltage procressor for attenuating and inverting signals and for creating offset voltages. Normalizing and mixing features allow for a number of applications.



Each unit has a bipolar attenuator, a so-called polarizer for attenuating and/or inverting a signal. The gain is at 2. The second control of each channel adds an offset voltage to the signal.

The signal at input 1 is sent to input 2 if there´s no cable inserted which gives you the possibility to process one signal in two different ways. If theres´no cable at output 1, signal 1 is being mixed with signal 2. Furthermore you can use each channel as an independent offset generator when nothing is patched to the input.


One input and one output per channel.


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 37.5mm deep.  Maximum current draw 20mA

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