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The TripFire Eurorack module by Circuit Abbey is a very handy, compact dual module. The top unit is a comparator for extracting gates from external signals, the bottom unit is a gate- or trigger-delay and thus the module is excellent for creating rhythmical signals, trigger envelopes etc.



Upper unit: comparator

The comparator requires a reference voltage that is compared with the input signal. This reference voltage is either generated by the Level control or it comes from an external source via the REF socket. If the input voltage is higher that the reference voltage, the output goes high and generates a gate which is vilsualized by the LED. The comparator´s polarity can be set with a jumper.

Lower unit: trigger-  gate-delay

the trigger or gate signal at the input will be delayed by the time set with the delay potentiometer. The output of the comparator is normalized to the input of the trigger delay as long as there´s no cable at the delay´s signal input. By default the delay time is 1ms to 1s but it can be changed to 8ms to 8s with a jumper. As the delay is a memory for 220 events it can be overflowed if VERY fast pulse trains are applied so it may work erratically and lose some pulses.

The G/T button selects between three operation modes:

  • green LED:    Trigger mode. Delayed trigger out
  • yellow LED:  Gate-Off mode: Gate-On is delayed, Gate-Off follows the input (no delay)
  • red LED:       Gate mode: Delayed gate out

Comparator: signal input, reference input, signal output
Trigger-/Gate-Delay: input, output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 43mm deep. Current draw 20mA

1 kg
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