Circuit Abbey - Unify


UNIFY is a high quality, four channel Stereo mixer module with selectable output level, panorama pots per channel and a headphone output with separate level control. It´s very well suited as the final mixer in your Eurorack system.



Each of the four input channels is designed for the high modular levels, has a level control and a constant power panorama control. The 1/8" stereo headphone output has its own level control. The level of the L and R outputs is controlled with a common potentiometer and can be switched between modular level and line level. An LED shows overloads.

Unify uses high quality LM4562 amplifiers with very good distortion and noise specifications. The potentiometers are sealed and there are enclosed sockets.

As the module has internal expansion headers we can expect expansion modules in future that will give additional features to the Unify module.


4 Mono inputs (3.5mm sockets)

2 outputs for left and right (3.5mm sockets, mono)

1 headphone output (3.5mm socket, stereo)


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide.  Current draw 50mA

1 kg
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