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The Missing Link is a clock generator with Ableton Link integration. The perfect tool to wirelessly synchronize analog setups with computer, tablet and / or smartphone. Easy to install and use! Even DIN syncable via an adapter! Thanks to Tap Tempo, the beat can also be quickly adjusted to a live situation. Plug in a USB battery pack and make music in the park! The Missing Link is the most mobile solution to stay in sync!



Circuit Happy's Missing Link is used to synchronize a modular system to Link 3.0 compatible apps. To do this, the tablet or computer simply has to be in the same network and the modular system can be started and stopped in time.

Powered by any 5V USB power source including USB batteries, the Missing Link can be used anywhere!  

Thanks to a web page interface, the device can be easily configured.

The USB Port can also be used to connect any class compliant USB MIDI interface and use that to distribute MIDI clock.

The tempo and other information such as offset, loop size and PPQN are shown on the display of the Missing Link and set with the push-encoder. Thanks to a tap tempo button, the speed can be quickly adjusted.

The small box has two outputs: one for the clock signal and one for the reset signal. The clock signal can be configured up to 24 PPQN.

In addition, DIN Sync devices such as TR-808 can be synchronized via a special adapter.


  • Ableton Link integration for wireless sync with compatible devices
  • 5V clock output with user-setable PPQN (pulses per quarter note)
  • 5V reset output at the start of loop (pulse)
  • supports class compliant USB MIDI interfaces for distributing MIDI clock
  • Push encoder for editing user settings (tempo, PPQN, Loop size, Reset Mode, Offset, Sync Start/Stop)
  • Tap tempo for quickly setting tempo
  • Built on a Raspberry Pi Zero W platform
  • Built-in web interface for easily connecting to your WiFi network
  • Can be powered by any 5V USB power source including USB batteries!
  • Open source software and hardware designs
Clock and Reset outputs
USB-Power connector
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