Curetronic 3U Eurorack adaptor


The 3HE-Adapter module allows for mounting and powering 3U Eurorack modules in 5U modular systems!!

Besides the possibility to mount Eurorack modules with a width of up to 20HP the 3HE-adapter also provides the correct operational voltages of /-12V and 5V.


Four adaptors from 3,5mm to 6,3mm.

A voltage converter turns the /-15V voltage into the necessary /-12V opertaional voltage and also provides the 5V, needed by some Eurorack modules.

Power inlet sockets /-15v for Curetronic, and headers for soldering

Power outlet sockets 5/ 12/-12V for 2x Doepfer (16-pin header), 2x Doepfer (10-pin header) and an additional header for soldering


4x Adapter von 6,3mm auf 3,5mm Klinke

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