Cwejman CTG-VC transient generator


CTG-VC, a single complex voltage controlled transient generator. All parameters such as attack time, attack hold time, decay time, sustain level, release time and output level are voltage controlled.

We currently do not accept pre-orders for Cwejman products. If you are interested in this module, please use the availability notification. The number of Cwejman circuits is limited. Therefore, we recommend you to order online IMMEDIATELY when a module becomes available. Enquiries via e-mail or telephone are usually not fast enough. (More detailed information can be found on the product page.)



The CTG-VC is a complex transient generator with a lot of features, such as; two different shapes for the attack, attack hold (A-HOLD) for more punchier sound than a standard attack, variable decay slope (D-SLOPE) from natural exponential to heavy logarithmic, attack-decay loop (A-D LOOP) and polarized level for outgoing transient signals. A-D LOOP switch activates, when ON, a steady state attack/dacay generator and the rate is determinated by attack/decay time and attack/decay modes.The external signal alone in to the A-D RESTART input start a single A-D transient for every new external signals A-D RESTART period (every shape).
The parameters ATTACK, ATTACK HOLD, DECAY, D-SLOPE, SUSTAIN and RELEASE can all be controlled manually and by an external signal.


  • ATTACK time - 0.05 msec to 10 seconds
  • ATTACK mode - logarithmic/exponential (EXP), switched
  • A-HOLD - 0.5 msec to 2 seconds
  • A-D LOOP ON; continuous LFO, Attack/Decay or activated by an external signal
  • DECAY time - 0.5 msec to 20 seconds
  • DECAY SLOPE - exponential to logarithmic
  • manual SUSTAIN level - 0 to 5 Volts
  • RELEASE time - 0.5 msec to 20 seconds

All Cwejman modules are protected against reversed polarity.


We currently do not accept pre-orders for Cwejman modules. For some products, there are waiting lists with pre-orders from the years 2013 to 2017, which are being processed as a matter of priority.
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gate/trig inputs: Gate in, Trigger in, A-D Restart
CV inputs for level, attack, attack-hold, decay, sustain and release (0-5V).
outputs: positive-going and inverted AHDSR outputs (-5 to +5V)


3U Eurorack module,14HP wide, 25mm deep
Current draw 70mA

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