Cwejman CTG-VC transient generator


CTG-VC, a single complex voltage controlled transient generator. All parameters such as attack time, attack hold time, decay time, sustain level, release time and output level are voltage controlled.



The CTG-VC is a complex transient generator with a lot of features, such as; two different shapes for the attack, attack hold (A-HOLD) for more punchier sound than a standard attack, variable decay slope (D-SLOPE) from natural exponential to heavy logarithmic, attack-decay loop (A-D LOOP) and polarized level for outgoing transient signals. A-D LOOP switch activates, when ON, a steady state attack/dacay generator and the rate is determinated by attack/decay time and attack/decay modes.The external signal alone in to the A-D RESTART input start a single A-D transient for every new external signals A-D RESTART period (every shape).
The parameters ATTACK, ATTACK HOLD, DECAY, D-SLOPE, SUSTAIN and RELEASE can all be controlled manually and by an external signal.


  • ATTACK time - 0.05 msec to 10 seconds
  • ATTACK mode - logarithmic/exponential (EXP), switched
  • A-HOLD - 0.5 msec to 2 seconds
  • A-D LOOP ON; continuous LFO, Attack/Decay or activated by an external signal
  • DECAY time - 0.5 msec to 20 seconds
  • DECAY SLOPE - exponential to logarithmic
  • manual SUSTAIN level - 0 to 5 Volts
  • RELEASE time - 0.5 msec to 20 seconds


The module is protected against reverse polarity.


gate/trig inputs: Gate in, Trigger in, A-D Restart
CV inputs for level, attack, attack-hold, decay, sustain and release (0-5V).
outputs: positive-going and inverted AHDSR outputs (-5 to +5V)


3U Eurorack module,14HP wide, 25mm deep
Current draw 70mA

0.5 kg
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