Cwejman D-LFO


Two identical, flexible LFOs with very innovative sync possiblities and an enormous frequency range. The cherry on top is the amplitude- and ring modulation between the LFOs. An interesting tool for generating extraordinary waveforms and also very suitable for those somewhat different FM sounds.



Each LFO is voltage controllable, re-triggerable and provides you with seven waveforms – two different sample and holds, sine, triangle, falling and rising sawtooth and square.
There are two frequency ranges to select from: 40s-0.2s und 0.4s-2ms duration per cycle, this means this LFOs go up to 20 kHz and can be also used as two VCOs and due to the sync and FM options desribed below you can get really nice sounds from this "LFO".

The RM/AM outputs ring modulated or amplitude modulated signal of the LFOs and thus creates one-of-a-kind modulations. The second LFO can be synced by the first; the sync-trip-point which can be set manually or by a CV defines at which point of the amplitude the synchronisation happens. An extraordinary feature!
Additionally each LFO has external trigger AND gate inputs for re-triggering... very cool.


per LFO: inputs: sync trigger, sync gate, rate CV
output: LFO output

common sockets:
one external input (EXT I/P), ringmodulator output (RM/AM)
Trip Point CV input


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 25mm deep
Current draw:75mA

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