Cwejman MBC-3


The MBC-3 is a crisp sounding multiband compressor with a comprehensive feature set. Voltage controllable high and low-pass filters split incoming audio material into three partial frequency ranges. Afterwards, the dynamics and volume of each band can be edited individually. Subtle compression is just as feasible as pumping or ducking effects. Gate circuits allow you to trim or chop up signals. CV inputs can influence lots of parameters. A mixer brings the results back together again. Alternatively to multiband operation, the MBC-3 can also be used as a triple full-range compressor.

We currently do not accept pre-orders for Cwejman products. If you are interested in this module, please use the availability notification. The number of Cwejman circuits is limited. Therefore, we recommend you to order online IMMEDIATELY when a module becomes available. Enquiries via e-mail or telephone are usually not fast enough. (More detailed information can be found on the product page.)



The Cwejman MBC-3 is a traditionnal multiband compressor made for the Eurorack format.

Multiband compression divides the frequency spectrum into different sections, or bands, so that each has its own unique compression settings. This allows for example a longer attack time for the low band, while keeping a shorter attack time in a higher band.

By using a multiband compressor, it is possible to closely tailor the compression to the different elements in a mix and compress the sound more transparently than with a standard single-band compressor.

The crossover frequencies define the range of frequencies contained in each band.

The MBC-3 features three bands with voltage controllable variable crossovers for Low/Mid and Mid/High. Thanks to separate outputs for Low, Mid and High, the crossover section can be used independently for spectral processing with other modules.  

Each band of the MBC-3 includes following parameters:

  • Threshold (low/high): The level that the signal needs to rise above in order for the compressor to begin to work. Any signal that passes above the threshold gets compressed.
  • Ratio: The amount of gain reduction the compressor applies when the signal passes the threshold.
  • Attack: The time it takes for compression to kick in once the signal passes the threshold.
  • Release (slow/fast): The time it takes for compression to stop once the signal falls below the threshold.
  • Make Up Gain: The gain control at the output of a compressor
  • Gate: Allows you to trim or chop up signals

Each section features a sidechain input, an envelope follower output and an individual signal output.

All parameters are voltage controllable.

The module provides an individual output for each band, and a mixer section where all three bands outputs can be summed.


We currently do not accept pre-orders for Cwejman modules. For some products, there are waiting lists with pre-orders from the years 2013 to 2017, which are being processed as a matter of priority.
If you’d like to be informed as soon as this module is back in stock, please activate the availability notification via e-mail.
Please note: The number of Cwejman modules is always limited and much lower than the number of interested parties. Therefore, we recommend to order IMMEDIATELY and ONLINE if a Cwejman product becomes available. Enquiries via e-mail or telephone are usually not fast enough.
If the demand is higher than the supply, unfulfillable pre-orders will be deleted. In this case you’ll receive an e-mail. (Pre-orders on the waiting lists mentioned above are excluded from this policy.)


Input section:
Audio input
Individual outputs for high, mid and low band
CV inputs to control the crossover frequency from high to mid and mid to low band

Per compressor:
Individual audio input and output
Sidechain input
Envelope follower output
CV inputs for ratio, attack, release and gate threshold parameters

Audio output
CV input for controlling the mix level


3U Eurorack module, 42 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

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