Cwejman PH-4 4-Phase-Modulator


The PH-4 is a LFO module with four outputs that are offset in phase 90° each. Unlike normal quadrature LFOs it generates not only a sine waves but also triangles.



The internal LFO can generate a sine or a triangle wave, the selection is done with a small switch. The modulation generator's frequency can be set manually (40s-6ms cycle length) and has voltage control, too
Level-CV is used for simultaneous modulation of all outputs' levels, e.g. in order to fade the LFOs in and out.
The voltage controlled offset function adds an offset voltage to all outputs i.e. they do not oscillate aorund 0V but above or below.
The eight LEDs indicate, rate, phase and waveform at once, barbershop-pole-style.


Generally all Cwejman modules are screened against interferences, protected against reverse polarity and contain calibration options on the backside, see big photo.

attention: Unlike other manufacturers, the red stripe of Cwejman's flat ribbon cable indicates the positive +12V rail, not the negative one!


CV inputs: rate, offset, and level
outputs: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, <30mm deep
power consumption: 20-40mA

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