Cwejman S1 Mk2 analog synth weiß


The S1 of swedish manufacturer Cwejman is a compact semi modular full analog synthesizer. But don´t get fooled by its size as is extremly complex and the sound is unbelievable rich and huge! As modern circuitry is used, ths machine isn´t just another copy of a vintage synthesizer. We still can´t believe what effect two or three turns on some controls can have. A sonic monster which is at least one of the best if not the very best available synthesizer at the moment!


Three versatile VCOs with sync, FM, portamento and 7 waveforms (something in between saw and pulse); ring modulator, two tremendous resonant filters (lowpass and multimode), audio input, two punchy invertable ADSR envelopes with delay, LFO with 5 waveforms, audio input, , Master CV-section with controls for modulation amount, glide, transpose and fine tune. Two separate mixers control which sonic amount is led to which filter, MIDI-CV interface, CV/gate outputs, almost all parameters patchable. Filter modulation is morphable between VCO and LFO!, Filter mix pot, overdrive, additional two-input mixer


Besides the usual audio in-and outputs you can find CV inputs and outputs for almost every parameter, even the separate stages of the envelope can be controlled by a voltage! Back panel: MIDI In/Out/Thru, Analogue Inputs, MIDI converter analog outputs. All jacks are 3,5mm (1/8”) in highest quality, except main audio outputs: they are 6,3mm (1/4”) and XLR (balanced!)!


19", 5U, super-flat only 5-6cm deep

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