Cwejman VCA-2P Stereo-Panning-Amp


First-class panning VCA for blending one signal between two outputs with a control voltage. You can also use the module as two totally independent, separate VCAs. Furthermore the CVs controlling the amplitudes of the main VCAs can be CV modulated on their part, what increases dynamical possiblities even more.



Two identical VCAs, both with switchable characteristic (linear / logarithmic) so you can adjust control voltages and audio signals. The module accepts signal with a maximal amplitude of /-10V (20V peak-to-peak) and a frequency range from DC to 50kHz.

A switch activates the panning mode that blends the signal at Pan-Input between the left and right pan outputs. A potentiometer with center decent makes manual adjustment of the panorama position possible. A CV input for panning allows voltage controlled pannig and this modulation can be amplitude modulated on her own by another internal VCA! This happens by using the "level" input above the Pan-CV input.

The VCA-2P can also act as two separate VCAs. Their level is being controlled manually or with the "left level CV" and "right level CV" inputs. The intensity of these control voltages can be modulated by additional VCAs via the "amount" inputs, for example for applying keyboard velocity.


Generally all Cwejman modules are screened against interferences, protected against reverse polarity and contain calibration options on the backside, see big photo.

attention: Unlike other manufacturers, the red stripe of Cwejman's flat ribbon cable indicates the positive +12V rail, not the negative one!


Audio In: left VCA, Pan, right VCA
Audio Out: left VCA, right VCA, Pan left, Pan right

CV In:
left VCA, amount of left VCA
Pan, level of the panning CV
right VCA, amount of right VCA


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 25mm deep
current draw 30mA

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