Cwejman VCO-6


With the VCO-6 Cwejman offers an oscillator that gives you access to all waveforms simultaneously. Furthermore, besides exponenetial FM it offers linear FM, a feature that mayn people missed on the VCO-2RM. A specialty is the pulse width department having two pulses with individual PWM modulation and a sawtootch with PWM.



Oszillator tunitng:
A rotary potentiometer with six positions is used to switch octaves, the frequency is set more exactly (±12 semitones) with the fine tune potentiometer. A switch activates LFO mode.
There are two exponential FM inputs with attenuators; fully clockwise they have a characteristic of 1V/octave
The linear FM input also has an attenuator and van be either AC or DC-coupled, depending on swith setting i.e. the linear FM works with Audio or CVs.

Pulse width modulation:
Pretty uncommon is that the PWM section is extensive and offers some nice functions: There are no less than three waveforms whose pulse width can be modulated; number 1 one pulse and a simultanously modulated sawtooth and number 2 another pulse wave. Pulse 1 and sawtooth share the PWM 1 input; 2nd pulse has it's own PWM 2 input. The PWM control can be assigned either to 1 or 1&2.

A sync input for hard oscillator synchronisation is available of course.


Alle Cwejman-Module sind gegen Verpolung geschützt.


6 Wellenform-Ausgänge: Sinus, Dreieck, Sägezahn, Pulsmodulierter Sägezahn, Puls 1, Puls 2
linearer FM-Eingang FM1, exponentielle FM-Eingänge FM 2+3
PWM-Eingänge 1+2, Sync-Eingang


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 14TE breit, 25mm tief
Stromverbrauch: 30mA

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