Dave Jones Design - O´Tool Plus


Dave Jones Design's O'Tool is a two-channel oscilloscope module with LCD screen, which also offers a variety of other applications. For example, it offers various level measurement of signals, spectral analysis, tuning, BPM counters and much more.



The revised version of the original O'Tool module includes:

  • Single channel oscilloscope
  • Dual channel oscilloscope
  • 3D oscilloscope
  • X/Y display
  • Level meter
  • VU meter
  • Peak meter
  • Voltmeter (with p-p and average DC)
  • Frequency meter
  • Tuner (guitar tuner style)
  • Linear spectrum analyzer
  • Logarithmic spectrum analyzer
  • Spectrogram
  • BPM meter
  • Metromome

The settings of the O'tool are user configurable and can remembered at power up for three users. For instance you can have profiles for home, studio, and performances.

Due to temperature stability the module is extremely accurate. It can monitor two signals, with inputs looped through to other modules. The scope modes include an external trigger option.

It is firmware upgradable. A jumper selects whether an external +5V sorce is used or if +5V are generated internally form +12 V. The module has an expansion connector for possible future add-on modules.


Signal inputs 1 and 2, Trigger input
The inputs are "loop through" inputs, i.e. they are like 2-jack multiples. So you can connect one module to the input and then run another cable to another module without needing multiples.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 40mm deep

Current draw:
either 80mA at +12V and 22mA at -12V
or 12mA at +12V, 70mA at +5V and 22mA at -12V

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