Dave Smith Instruments - DSM02 Character


The Character section from the DSI Pro2 and Prophet 12 as Eurroack module. It is a digital ,votage controllable effect module which contains sample rate reduction, bit crushing, distortion as well as low and high frequency enhancement. From subtle to harsh effects, everything is possible. It can be used mono and stereo and runs with 24Bit and 96kHz.



The module contains five simultaneous effects, all of which can be voltage controlled:

  • GIRTH and AIR feature low and high frequency enhancement to polish your sound a bit.
  • DECIMATE reduces the sample rate and makes your sound lo-fi.
  • HACK is a bit crusher which thrashes the signal beyond recognition.
  • DRIVE is responsible for distortion, from warm saturation to heavy harmonic overdose.

Each of the Character's parameters is voltage controllable. The module has two independen audio input and outputs and therefore can be used for stereo signals as well.


Two independent audio inputs and two outputs
CV inputs for effect parameters Girth, Air, Decimate, Hack and Drive


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide

0,25 kg
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