Delptronics LDB-1e


Eight-voice polyphonic sound circuitry from Delptronics´ analog LDB-1 drum machine. No samples will be found here as all sounds are entirely analog and the circuitry´s principles are inspired by the drum machines of the 80ies, without being direct clones. A nice set of 80ies analog drum sounds in a very narrow module!



The module gives you eight simultaneously playable analog sounds: Bass Drum, Low Tom, High Tom, Snare Drum, Wood Block, Hand Clap,  Closed Hi-hat and Open Hi-hat.

All sounds have their individual trigger input and there´s a common mix output. The open and closed hihats can be played simultaneously to create a cymbal-ish sound. The trigger inputs are equipped with trigger converters that will create a proper and clean pulse from any 5V signal, no matter of which pulse length.


The module requires an additional +5V voltage to operate. In case your power supply doesn't provide this voltage, you need to use a +5V adaptor. Doepfer, Make noise and Mutable Instruments offer some


Eight trigger inputs (Bass Drum, Low Tom, High Tom, Snare Drum, Wood Block, Hand Clap, Closed Hi-hat and Open Hi-hat).
One audio output.


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 61mm deep. The module needs an additional +5V operational voltage!

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