Delptronics - LDB-2x (CV expander)


This expander module allows for voltage control of not less than nine parameters of the LDB-2e drum module by Delptronics. These are for instance pitch, decay time and tone of the numerous analog drums.



The LDB-2e is expanded by CV control of following parameters:

  • Decay time of the open hi hat
  • Tone of the hi hats
  • pitch of the snare drum
  • pitch of the rim shot
  • pitch of the wood block
  • pitch of the high tom
  • pitch of the low tom
  • pitch and decay time of the kick drum
    • All CV inputs are equipped with small attenuators for scaling the modulation.

      The expander module is connected internally to the back of the LDB-2e and is also supplied with power by the mother module.


Nine control voltage inputs


3U Eurorack expander module, 6HP wide, <48mm deep
does not require separate power

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