Delptronics - Thunderbell


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Analog cowbell drum voice with voltage controlled pitch and decay parameters. the integrated trigger button and the classical sound makes it a creative addition to any modular drumset.



Like many analog drum machines the Thunderbell also generates it's cowbell sound with two tuned square waves and in addition it has a pseudo-ring-modulator just like a KR-55
Pitch and decay time of the module can be voltage controlled (0-5V) but tracking is not 1V/octave. In order to maintain the cowbell sound over the whole frequency range it is important to keep the frequency ration between both square waves and that's exactly what the Thunderbell does. The frequency range is pretty big, ranging from weird low sounds to high bells. Manual triggering is possible with a pushbutton.


Trigger input, Pitch CV input, Decay time CV input, Audio output


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 38mm deep

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