Delptronics - Thunderclap


Analog drum voice based on the TR-606's and TR-808's clap. Delptronics extended the circuit and added three sound controls and now you can produce short finger snaps, snare and cymbal sounds and a lot of metallic thrashy stuff. A mini sequencer is included, too!



The Thunderclap's parameters are volume, filter cutoff, noise level and decay. It can be triggered by a trigger signal or manually with the trigger button. In 11 o'clock position the clap will sound like the original Roland clap but with all parameters fully cranked up the result resembles a metal thrashcan lid.

The module even contains a mini sequencer: press and hold record button and record triggers and rests. Recording of 32 steps is possible and rests can total up to two minutes. For playback of the sequence just trigger the module.
Pressing record while the trigger button is pressed you can loop the recorded sequence. A trigger starts or stops the loop.
For clearing memory press record button and release it without having triggered the module.


Trigger input, audio output


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide.

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