Delptronics - Trigger Man (v2)


The Delptronics Trigger Man is a unique trigger sequencer. There are 8 trigger / gate outputs and each pattern consists of 8 steps per output. It has 8 pattern memories, which can be played back in any order and chained into a pattern of patters up to 100 patterns long. The revolutionary pattern editing interface enables you to create any pattern with just two knobs with enter function.



Each output has a configurable length: 10ms long trigger, Clock (clock on = output produces a gate) or full (full step length, tied gates are possible when consequent gates are set).

The sequencer has three modes of operation:

  • O: algorithmic mode: A revolutionary pattern editing interface wherein one knob controls the complexity of the steps (number of "on" steps and rests between the steps), and another knob shifts the steps right and left
  • •••: Step Edit: each step is turned on/off individually. Traditional entry mode. Shift function is available too.
  • ∞:Pattern Play: Select which pattern is currently playing, or create a chain of patterns up to 100 patterns long. The shift knob shifts the patterns in the chain

The sequencer has an internal tempo generator (40-295 BPM). Synchronisation to an external clock happens via a clock input (in that case tempo knob acts as clock divider). When set to internal clock the clock input turns into a CV inüut, modulating the tempo. A multifunctional CV socket either selects the active pattern, shifts the pattern or controls the seqence complexity, depending on the mode of operation.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 30mm deep.

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