DinSync - Amnesia


Eight-step trigger sequencer module with chasing light programming. The sequencer has no proper memory, hence the name. It is super easy to operate and can be used as a drum sequencer, to ping LPGs and for any trigger jobs.



The module is operated easily via eight illuminated buttons and classic x0x chasing light programming. A reset socket makes possible to reset the sequencer back to step one. A clock thru socket allows for passing a buffered clock to other devices in order to synchronise them.
When clocked at audio rates you can use the Amnesia module as square-wave graphic oscillator.


Clock input, clock thru, reset input, trigger output.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 31mm deep.
Current draw 90mA @+12V and 8mA @-12V

0,2 kg
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