Dirty Electronics MUTE Synth


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The Mute Synth by Dirty Electronics is an inexpensive hand-held touch and tilt instrument with copper etched artwork and contoured printed circuit board that was designed in collaboration with the legendary record label MUTE.

A must for all MUTE fans and a perfect gift!



The Mute Synth combines sound synthesis with a sequencer/pulser, and it is knobless. It is controlled by using the conductivity of the human body to complete the instrument?s circuit when the copper etching is touched. There are touch points on both sides of the circuit board, and the instrument is designed to be played with
thumbs and fingers. Two tilt switches on different planes allow for gestural control of the sequencer. Pulsating brilliant white noise and grunge in the hand!

Dont´be worried if the Mute Synth produces clicking sounds by itself - those come from the mechanical tilt switches! Nothing is defective!


one mono minijack output (3.5mm)

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