Division 6 Filtare SEIII


The Filtaire SE III from US-american manufacturer Division 6 ist an outstanding analog, musically sounding State-Variable multimode filter with a slope of 24dB.



Similar to TipTop Audio´s Z-2040, the Filtaire SEIII has a discrete circuit but uses a SSM2040 filter chip as a filter core. This chip has been used in some famous machines of the late 70ies / early 80ies like Prophet5 Rev.2, EMU Audity or the EMU Modular.

The module offers four indiviual outputs for low-, high-, bandpass and notch and each filter type has a slope of 24dB. the notch balance can be blended between LP and HP . In center position there´s a total drop of 3.4dB.

The circuit is protected against reverse polarity.



  • audio
  • 2x CV input for filter cutoff, one with attenautor, one with fixed 1V/oct
  • 1x CV input for resonance
  • 1x CV input for notch balance


  • low pass
  • high pass

3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 35mm deep.  Current draw 80mA

1 kg
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