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Mutes is a small, four channel utility module for muting and splitting Gate/CVs/Audio-signals. This deceptively simple idea has myriads of possible applications – especially in performance situations. Mutes is the first module of DivKid. Best known for his always informative and wonderfully presented Youtube reviews, his experience is being reflected in this sturdy and cleverly designed module.



DivKid has a huge number of followers on Youtube. Several times a week he discusses the latest modules in a way that appeals to professionals and beginners alike.

Short detour: A system is only as good as the utilities you have available.. Only the right helper modules make a system "playable"! So it is not surprising that DivKid introduces a small helper as the first module.

Mutes has four inputs and four outputs. The inputs are normalized to each other, so that Mutes can also be used as a (buffered) splitter / "mute multiple". You can combine Mutes with a mixer, feed it gates (clocks, fills, triggers) and modulation signals, jump into and quickly interrupt FX feedback loops, etc. The inputs can be muted (off), permanently activated (on) or temporarily (momentary) activated via four three-way switches. In the last position the switch jumps back immediately after releasing.

In order to prevent a hard click, vactrols are integrated in the signal paths. They gently, but quickly fade out the signal. The vactrol-damping affects all signals, but is very pleasant. Additionally LEDs give a visual feedback about the signal / status.

For the production DivKid has teamed up with Befaco. High quality materials are used throughout: The front panel is made of stable, black coated metal, the jacks connect firmly, the switches are haptically very pleasant and have exactly the right size. The sum of these small details turns a simple idea into a great module.

Also included is a set of Befaco Knurlies!

4 Inputs
4 Outputs
3U Eurorack Module, 4HP wide, 32mm deep
Powerconsumption: 50mA +12V, ? -12V, ? +12V
0.15 kg
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