Doepfer A-100 Basic-System 1, 19" (PSU3)


The BS1 is one of many exemplary systems which the manufacturer configured himself and offers at a special price. In this case the classic use of the modular system as an analogue synthesizer with typical or known sound forms is the main application. The fact that this system, thanks to modules like the trigger delay, already exceeds the possibility of hardwired comparable models by far, is self-understandable due to its great value components. We are happy to recommend a personal composition of a complete 6-unit framework for beginners. And we’re likewise happy to help with the enduring work of researching set ups.



23 modules in a 6U frame incl. power supply. Internal pitch CV and gate bus. The system comes with 30 patch cables (mixed).

  • Modules:
  • 2x A-110 (VCO)
  • A-114 (RingMod)
  • A-115 (AudioDivider)
  • A-116 (VC Waveform Processor)
  • A-118 (Noise / Random)
  • A-120 (24dB low pass filter)
  • A-106-6 (XP filter)
  • A-130 (linear VCA)
  • A-131 (logarithmic VCA)
  • A-138a (linear Mixer)
  • A-138b (logarithmic Mixer)
  • 2x A-140 (ADSR envelope)
  • 2x A-145 (LFO)
  • A-148 (Sample & Hold)
  • A-150 (Dual VC Switch)
  • A-160 (Clock Divider)
  • A-161 (Clock Sequencer)
  • A-162 (Dual Trigger Delay)
  • A-170 (Slew Limiter)
  • A-180 (Multiples)

Aluminium 19" frame with 2 x 84 HP place for modules. The case has an IEC connector in the back and a power switch including a fuse holder.

The frame has a a strong power supply and two busboards, each with 14 module connectors.
The power supply provides you with:

  • +12 V: 2 A
  • +5 V: 4 A
  • -12 V: 1.2 A

A-110: CV1, CV2, PW CV1, PW CV2, Sync, Pulse, Sawtooth, Triangle, Sinus
A-114: X In, Y In, X*Y Out
A-115: In, Out
A-116: Audio In, Clipping CV, Symmetry CV, Audio Out
A-118: White Noise, Color Noise, Random
A-120: AudioIn, CV1, CV2, CV3, Audio Out
A-106-6: Audio In, FCV 1, FCV 2, QCV 1, 8 Outputs
A-130: Audio In 1+2, CV1, CV2, Audio Out
A-131: Audio In 1+2, CV1, CV2, Audio Out
A-138a: Input 1,2,3,4, Output
A-138b: Input 1,2,3,4, Output
A-140: Gate, Retrigger, 2x Out, Inverse-Out
A-145: Reset In, Triangle Out, Sine Out, Rectangle Out, SawUp Out, SawDown Out
A-148: per unit: Trigger In, Sample In, S&H Out
A-150: CV, 0/I, I/0 1, I/0 2
A-160: Trigger In, Reset In, /2, /4, /8, /16, /32, /64
A-161: Out 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
A-162: In, Out
A-170: per unit In, Out
A-180: 8x3,5mm Jack

IEC mains inlet (100V -240V)


19" aluminium case, 6U
483 x 264 x 240mm (W x H x D)

5.0 kg
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