Doepfer A-100 Basic System 1, LC9 (PSU3)


Doepfer's basic System 1 is a good allrounder complete system for classic subtractive synthesis and more. If has a MIDI/CV interface, sample & hold, clock processors and more. The enclosure used here is a wooden low-cost case LC9, which has a third, unused row for modiles - perfect for expanding the system!



23 modules in a 9U wooden cabinet incl. power supply. Internal Pitch-CV and Gate Bus. Supplied with 30 patch cords (mixed lengths).


  • 2x A-110 (VCO)
  • A-114 (RingMod)
  • A-115 (AudioDivider)
  • A-116 (Waveform Processor)
  • A-118 (Noise/Random)
  • A-120 (24dB LowPass)
  • A-106-6 (XP filter)
  • A-130 (lin VCA)
  • A-131 (exp VCA)
  • A-138a (Mixer lin.)
  • 2x A-140 (ADSR)
  • 2x A-145 (LFO 1)
  • A-148 (S&H)
  • A-150 (VCS)
  • A-160 (ClockDivider)
  • A-161 (ClockSequencer)
  • A-162 (Trigger Delay)
  • A-170 (Slew Limiter)
  • A-180 (Multiples)
  • A-138b (Mixer exp.)

Wooden low-cost cabinet LC-9 with 3 x 84HP place for modules. The case has an IEC connector in the back and a power switch including a fuse holder.

The cabinet has a a strong power supply and three busboards, each with 14 module connectors.
The power supply provides you with:

  • +12 V: 2 A
  • +5 V: 4 A
  • -12 V: 1.2 A

A-110: CV1, CV2, PW CV1, PW CV2, Sync, Pulse, Sawtooth, Triangle, Sinus
A-114: X In, Y In, X*Y Out
A-115: In, Out
A-116: Audio In, Clipping CV, Symmetry CV, Audio Out
A-118: White Noise, Color Noise, Random
A-120: AudioIn, CV1, CV2, CV3, Audio Out
A-106-6: Audio In, FCV 1, FCV 2, QCV 1, 8 Outputs
A-130: Audio In 1+2, CV1, CV2, Audio Out
A-131: Audio In 1+2, CV1, CV2, Audio Out
A-138a: Input 1,2,3,4, Output
A-138b: Input 1,2,3,4, Output
A-140: Gate, Retrigger, 2x Out, Inverse-Out
A-145: Reset In, Triangle Out, Sine Out, Rectangle Out, SawUp Out, SawDown Out
A-148: per unit: Trigger In, Sample In, S&H Out
A-150: CV, 0/I, I/0 1, I/0 2
A-160: Trigger In, Reset In, /2, /4, /8, /16, /32, /64
A-161: Out 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
A-162: In, Out
A-170: per unit In, Out
A-180: 8x 3.5mm Jack

IEC mains inlet (100V - 240V)


outer dimensions ca. 445 x 420 x 160 mm (W x H x D)

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