Doepfer A-100 Basic System 2, P6 (PSU3)


The A-100 Basic System 2 contains all the components of BS1, but provides the Midi interface for those who want to integrate the synth into their MIDI setup. MIDI to CV/Gate connections are sent via an internal buss to the corresponding receivers (A-110 VCOs and A-140 ADSRs) unless connections with patch cords are made.

Nevertheless, prior to buying a per-configured basic system we'd rather give you a personal advice regarding your synth setup.



The basic system 2 contains 22 modules. A portable flight case is used as a frame. It can be transported in a patched state as the lid is deep enough. Includes a power supply with 1200mA power.
The note CV and the gate from the MIDI/CV interface are internally sent to the oscillators and the envelope generators via the CV/gate buss. 30 patch cords in mixed lengths are included.

The basic system 2 contains following modules:

  • 2x A-110 standard oscillator
  • A-114 ring modulator
  • A-115 audio divider for creating up to four sub-octaves
  • A-116 waveform processor
  • A-118 noise and random generator
  • A-120 24dB/octave Moog low pass filter
  • A-106-6 XP filter, inspired by oberheim Xpander
  • A-130 VCA with linear curve, for processing CVs
  • A-131 VCA with exponential curve, for processing audio
  • A-138a mixer with linear curve, for processing CVs
  • A-138b mixer with exponential curve, for processing audio
  • 2x A-140 ADSR type envelope with retrigger and inverted outputs
  • A-145 standard LFO
  • A-146 LFO with variable wave shapes
  • A-148 sample & hold generator
  • A-160 clock divider for dividing the frequency of a clock
  • A-161 clock sequencer, an expander for the A-160
  • A-170 slew limiter, for portamento etc.
  • A-180 multiples, a passive signal splitter
  • A-190-1 MIDI/CV interface. Emits note CV, gate, and clock

The flightcase has a a strong switching power supply and two busboards, each with 14 module connectors.
The power supply provides you with:

  • +12 V: 2 A
  • +5 V: 4 A
  • -12 V: 1.2 A

A-110: CV1, CV2, PW CV1, PW CV2, Sync, pulse, sawtooth, triangle, sine
A-114: per section: X In, Y In, X*Y Out
A-115: in, out
A-116: audio in, audio out, CV ins: Clipping, symmetry
A-118: white noise, colored noise, random
A-120: audio in, 3x CV inputs, audio out
A-106-6: audio in, 2x frequency CV in, Q CV in; eight filter outputs
A-130: 2x signal in, 2x CV in, signal out
A-131: 2x audio in, 2x CV in, audio out
A-138a: 4 inputs, 1 output
A-138b: 4 inputs, 1 output
A-140: gate, retrigger, 2x out, inverted out
A-145: reset in; wave outs: triangle, sine, rectangle, saw, ramp
A-146: wave outs: 2x rectangle (positive & bipolar), sawtooth/triangle
A-148: per section: 2x Trigger In, Sample In, S&H Out
A-160: trigger in, reset in, divider outputs /2, /4, /8, /16, /32, /64
A-161: 8 outputs
A-170: per section: 2x In, Out
A-180: 2x4 connected sockets
A-190: Midi In/Thru, CV1 out, CV2 out, gate out, clock out, reset out

IEC mains inlet (100V - 240V)


outside: ca. 465 x 340 x 235 mm (W x H x D) (with lid and rubber feet.

inside: 2 x 84HP x 3U
usable depth: ca. 70 mm around the power supply and 100mm elsewhere (measured from back of module faceplate)

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