Doepfer A-100 busboard (for PSU3)


Bus board for connecting up to 14 Eurorack modules. LEDs show if the correct voltages (-12V / +12V / +5V) are available. The bus board is delivered with four cables for connecting to the power supply.



Since January 2016 the bus board is delivered with four connecting cables. For that reson it's compatible with the new switching power supply PSU3, which carries four secondary voltages (+12V, +5V, -12V and ground [GND]).
Of course it is also possible to connect this bus board with three cables only to older Doepfer power supplies which don't generate +5V.


blade connectors for the power supply's secondary voltages: +5V, +12V, GND and -12V
Fourteen 16-pin headers for connecting Eurorack modules.

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