Doepfer A-100 spare cables for bus board


Especially when converting or constructing Eurorack enclosures one of the connecting cables form the Doepfer power supply to the bus board can get broken, or you buy a buss board second-hand and the cable is missing .
What if there's no electronics technician in town who might sell cable lugs or if you don't have the right tool? Correct, as a resourceful constructor you always have spare parts.



The cable harness contains four color coded cables which are used to connect a Doepfer buss board to a Doepfer power supply. Each color stands for a certain operational voltage:

  • purple: +5 Volts
  • red: +12 Volts
  • black: Ground
  • blue: -12 Volts
At the cable ends lugs and insulating transparent covers are located.


approximately 37 cm long

0.05 kg
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