Doepfer A-106-6 XP Filter (Oberheim Xpander)


A-106-6 works with the Oberheim Xpander's filter topology and features it's sixteen filter types, arranged in two banks. Each filter tyes are available simultaneously at individual outputs. Besides the usual filter types with different slopes you'll also find combinations of differenty filter types and all-pass filters as well.



The module offers voltage resonance which will go into self-socillation with the 2nd filter group's filters.

Filtergruppe 1:

  • 3A (allpass)
  • 2N (notch)
  • 2H1L (asymmetrical band pass made of a 12 dB high pass and a 6 dB low pass)
  • 3H (18dB high pass)
  • 2H (12dB high pass)
  • 1H (6 dB high pass)
  • 3L (18 dB low pass)
  • 1L (6 dB low pass)

Filtergruppe 2:

  • 3A1L (combination of allpass and 6dB low pass)
  • 2N1L (combination of notch and 6 dB low pass)
  • 4B (12dB band pass)
  • 3H1L (asymmetrical band pass made of a 18dB high pass and a 6 dB low pass)
  • 2H1L (asymmetrical band pass made of a 12dB high pass and a 6 dB low pass)
  • 2B (6dB band pass)
  • 4L (24dB low pass)
  • 2L (12dB low pass)


Audio input, eight filter outputs
two cutoff CV inputs (FCV): 1x with 1V/octave and 1x with attenuator
one resonance CV input (QCV) with attenautor


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 50mm deep
power consumption 50mA

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