Doepfer A-111-4 Quad Precision VCO


Four-pack of precision oscillators – You want to create chords, fat unison sounds, wafting drones or paraphonic respectively fully polyphonic sounds with your modular system? – Meet the A-111-4! The module contains four well-equipped VCOs with a wide frequency range. Their pitch tracking is extremely accurate. Waves produced by the A-111-4 draw very close to the ideal form. The module’s sound is beefy. Thanks to two kinds of sync functions and modulation inputs, it is possible to flexibly twist the raw waveforms. – A great all-rounder!



The oscillators of the A-111-4 feature a triangle core design based on the CEM3340. Their frequency range extends to more than ten octaves. Each VCO comes equipped with a 1v/octave input, meaning it is possible to play the circuits individually. As a result, musicians can create polyphonic patches or generate several, completely independent sounds with the A-111-4. A fifth 1v/octave input allows users to play all oscillators at once or add transpositions. With detuning some of the VCOs via their three-way octave switches and tune potentiometers, it is possible to generate wafting drones, chords and unison sounds. Jumpers on the circuit board can be utilized to alter the range of the tune knobs. In detail, a range of two semitones, one octave or four octaves can be chosen. Additionally, a global octave switch and a global tune potentiometer were implemented.

On the output side there is a triangle, saw-tooth and pulse output per VCO. Additionally, the A-111-4 features three mix outputs. CV inputs plus attenuators allow users to modulate the frequency (linear or exponential) respectively the pulse width of each oscillator. On top of that, there is a sync input per VCO. Jumpers make it possible to choose between hard and soft sync.

Tip: As mentioned above, controlling the oscillators via the individual 1v / octave inputs allows you to use the global 1v / octave input for transpositions. By feeding an S&H voltage to the global input, the most boring sequences can be transformed into exciting, constantly changing melodies. – Very cool!


Per oscillator:
1v / octave input
Modulation input
Sync input
Triangle, saw-tooth and pulse outputs

Global: 1v / octave input
Modulation input
Triangle, saw-tooth and pulse mix outputs

CV output


3U Eurorack module, 18 HP wide, 40 mm in depth
Power consumption: 120mA at +12 V and 100mA at -12 V

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